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About the Author

About Counselor 911 Inc.


Debbie Harris is an acclaimed television host and the CEO of Counselor911, Inc., a media organization that airs in 22 countries in the Caribbean, as well as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Debbie is sought-after for her services in areas of personalized family  and individual counseling. Debbie is a Houston, Texas native and is a successful businesswoman who is grateful to express her vision through this first literary effort.


Ms. Harris  is also the Chief Executive Officer of

The Counselor 911 Show is anchored by the Host, Debbie Harris.  She is committed to reaching the Caribbean, the United States and the UK through modeling, teaching, informing and implementation utilizing media outlets.


Counselor 911 is dedicated to the Caribbean viewers as evidenced by our channel distribution in over 22 countries throughout the Caribbean and several states within the United States and in the UK. Counselor 911 is dedicated to the unveiling of many current trends and topics that are related to poverty, homelessness, AIDS epidemic, mental health issues and many other challenges that the people of the Caribbean, United States and the UK deal with on a day to day basis. Our show is committed to search for the...

Counselor911.com, a nonprofit organization devoted to individual and group psychotherapy for a range of patient issues including depression and schizophrenia.  Her practical approach to mental health involves three steps: identify, confront, and solve.  While anyone in her field of study would be remiss if they did nothing to help individuals solve or mitigate their mental health issues through a combination of therapy and medication.  She understands that her patients cannot change what they either don’t understand or don’t want to acknowledge.  The very real process of self-discovery, education, awareness and soul-searching is therefore at the core of her work as a