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Book Synopsis

With so many people plagued by mental illness, one can’t help but wonder why this is so. Statistically, research has indicated that an estimated 26.2% of Americans, about one out of every four adults, suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. This figure translates into approximately 57.7 million people suffering from mental health disorders.


Ironically, these disorders do not function in isolation from one other; in fact, they can be the cause of other illnesses, known as comorbidity. Such disorders that are commonly diagnosed are: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders and attention deficit disorders. Schizophrenia alone affects 2.4 million adults. Today, according to new studies, suicide takes more American lives than any other form of injury. With our military men and women returning home

Is life getting you down? Have life experiences placed you in a  shell from which you cannot seem to break free? Is it because of present hurts? Is it from past hurts? Is it from a diagnosis that has been given to you? What about those negative thoughts? Is it a spiritual problem? Is it your psychiatric medication? Is it genetic predisposition? What about the possibility that it's all just in your Mind?

“As a Pastor for 28 years and Law Enforcement Executive for 35 years this book gives a riveting prospective on Mental Health. It's a very practical, easy to read and wise game plan for the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. ”

“Unbeleivable! I have read many self-help books, but this book on Mind, Body Soul and Spirit does more than all those books combined. ”

“This is a nice read.”

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Book Introduction

“It is a must read, can't wait to get my copy.”

with extreme cases of post-traumatic stress disorders, with our children being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder like never before, and with depression being the leading cause of disability, what can be done to help this phenomenon?


As a mental health clinician, I have often wondered if seeking to make a diagnosis has become more important than the symptom itself. Psychiatrists have been trained to provide medication to help with mental illness. Is it solving the problem? Clinicians, psychotherapists, counselors and psychologists have all been trained to therapeutically treat the patient to help with mental illness. Is it working? Mental health is very convoluted due to the complexities and intricate details of human beings. Our cognitive and emotional development is formed by our experiences and the unique perceptions within our “minds” or mental frameworks. As Clinicians, we should consider treating the “mind” with very fine detail that reflects the uniqueness of each human being. It is important to understand that every human has four components: mind, body, soul and spirit. I created this book based on the core value of understanding the whole person. With the help of the Counselor 911 team, I have explored a broad range of aspects that can influence the mental well-being of people by collecting 911 questions from everyday people and answering them from a non-biased approach. This book sheds light on  concerns that plague countless people regarding mental health issues as well as general wellness concerns. Mind~Body~Soul~Spirit addresses each question from a theoretical as well as a biblical perspective. I believe strongly that the integration of the four components (mind, body, soul and spirit) must form a solid connection holistically to completely heal and/or restore health. If the whole being is not considered, then the root cause is not addressed.