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About Counselor 911 Inc.

The Counselor 911 Show is anchored by the Host, Debbie Harris.  She is committed to reaching the Caribbean, the United States and the UK through modeling, teaching, informing and implementation utilizing media outlets.


Counselor 911 is dedicated to the Caribbean viewers as evidenced by our channel distribution in over 22 countries throughout the Caribbean and several states within the United States and in the UK. Counselor 911 is dedicated to the unveiling of many current trends and topics that are related to poverty, homelessness, AIDS epidemic, mental health issues and many other challenges that the people of the Caribbean, United States and the UK deal with on a day to day basis. Our show is committed to search for the answers via dialogue to help promote a healthier society and communities for all countries in the Caribbean, USA and UK.


The Counselor 911 Show is a 1 hour show with 42 minutes of content and 18 minutes of commercials. The Counselor 911 Show is filmed with expert panel guests that are dedicated to mental health. These expert guests are known as: Psychologist, Therapist, Psychiatrist, Counselors, Addiction Specialist, Doctors, Spiritual Leaders, and many others . . .  The team of experts will explore topics as they are being addressed by the Host and Co-Hosts of the show. Dialogue will be facilitated among the panel guest to address questions the viewers have based on emails received by the company. Additionally, we will scope out various strategies by means of case studies and special guest experts that will aid us in meeting the needs of people.